Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Near Death Experiences of David Brundage

I am David Brundage and I have had 6 near death experiences and 4 out of body experiences. I co-authored a book with my wife titled “Ripples In Our Lives” that details the first near death encounters. The book reveals how my life gradually changed toward the spiritual and paranormal world. The popular TV series Ghost Whisperer parallel’s my life after the near death experiences. Please post a voice message and add your wesite or blog link to your picture when you post below.

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The unique part of this story follows his near death experience. David developed “ripples” in his fingernails. When the ripples were present, he had connections to the spirit and paranormal worlds. After extensive research and interviews on the Internet, David discovered many people had the ripples after a near death experience, too! To David, the ripples meant that near death experience survivors were touched by God.
Take a walk in David’s shoes as he sees spirit guides, angels, ghosts, dark shadows and entities. Read about the physical and emotional horror he and his family went through during the surgeries, infections, hallucinations, depressions and so much more
As the doctor made the incision in his abdomen, his heart stopped. The second one was done after tests confirmed that his heart was in good shape. The third operation was an emergency surgery. After contracting an infection, he eviscerated. A colostomy was performed during the third one because the tissue was too weak to hold stitches. The fourth was to reverse the colostomy. Through each of the surgeries, David went through many different emotions and experiences.
Envision the angels and dark shadows David was seeing. Go through the trauma, pain and fear he and his family went throughout that one long year. Read about his dedicated wife, Nancy, who literally kept him alive with her love and devotion. She cared for him and his devastating wounds daily. Witness the horrors she saw as she learned a completely new definition for the word "gross". Discovered the true meaning of "until death do us part".
Take the amazing journey with David as he goes from being just a regular guy before the first surgery to a man with paranormal powers. The powers took him into the supernatural when the ripples were visible on his fingernails. When the ripples disappeared, he returned to a regular guy, but definitely not the same man.
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