Friday, May 30, 2008

My 3rd NDE

While the X-ray techs were moving David back onto the gurney, David became extremely sick. He started to dry heave and choke. Just as they got him onto the gurney, he turned as white as a ghost. He gasped for air a few times then he stopped breathing!
“Code Blue in X-ray CAT Scan Room 2,” blared through the hospital. The emergency teams came running into X-ray from all directions. “What happened?” the first doctor on the scene asked. “We did a CAT scan on his abdomen and when we were transferring him back on the gurney, he crashed,” the radiologist said.
“Get the crash cart, STAT!” the lead doctor said. The entire team was there in less than a minute.
While the doctors and nurses worked on him, David went on another journey! This time life events were flashing by him like a speeding train. Good events on the right side and bad on the left. He could see them all very clearly. On the right side of the train he saw his daughter’s birth, his wedding to Nancy and special times they shared, his graduations from high school and college, getting his two fishing net patents approved and playing with all of his dogs again. On the left side was his time spent in Vietnam, the deaths of many of his friends, his brother’s and father’s funerals, and the vision of his brother sending him back to Earth the last time. The events span over 50 years. They were a variety of the happiest and sadist moments in his life. The journey was over in the blink of an eye.
At the end of the incredible journey an angel was waiting for him. She reached out her hand and took him to the most beautiful place he had ever seen. When she touched him, all his fear and pain were gone. He was flying over the most beautiful countryside he had ever seen. The closer they came to the final destination, the more David understood why he had lived. He knew all of his questions would be answered soon.
They arrived in the most exquisite place. This was not on earth! David knew that for a fact. The angel turned to him and said “He will be here to give you your mission soon.” Then she flew away.
“Something very warm and comforting is starting to surround me. I feel a sense of peace and love I never thought possible. No worries! No pain! No hate! No anger! And none of the words that cause harm. I love you!” David thought, finally realizing that he was surrounded by God. Then he heard a soft, smooth, hypnotic voice.
“I have chosen you for a mission. When you go back to your earthy form, you will tell people about this experience. Some people will not believe you. Some will try to make you believe I do not exist. Others will say you’re not worthy. There are evil ones that will try to harm you. You must believe in yourself and not let an individual or group change your mind. You have been given the test of strength to endure, the worst earthly pain and always called My name for help. You did not give into the promise of false love and freedom of pain. You believed in My angels and went back into your earthly body to endure terrible pain. “I have chosen many people to convey my words throughout the life cycle of humanity. Many times they were not believed and were ridiculed for passing on My words. Some of My messengers were harmed while performing their services. Many did not pass on My message and failed their mission. They all walk with Me in My home and they are subservient only to themselves. My words are written despite what evils may try to do to prevent them from being heard. Write these words as they will clarify to many souls My true meaning of being in My service.
“Let it be written when you hear about love, compassion, joy, happiness, kindness, pleasure and respect. These are My words. If death, pain, suffering, misery or anguish are used to achieve My words by any individuals they shall not walk with Me. Using any words that will dishonor My name are tools of the unholy. Do not listen to them. Forgiveness shall only be offered to the confused or ill individual if My policy is violated. Ask for My guidance and I will show you the way. You may ask for My help in your pursuit of caring and providing for your family. Listen for My words in your heart and you shall attain your goals while in My service.
“Let it be known that when you accept Me to your inner being, you shall experience My love and you may accomplish this anywhere, any time and any place. Use your knowledge to spread My words with the tools of your day.
“For the ones that walk in pain while they are on earth will experience ten times the joy and happiness when the walk with me, but they must not inflict the pain on themselves.
“Pay heed to My policies.
“Learn the many ways mortals honor Me. Seek the varieties of truth and you shall share the joys of many heavens.
“Let none of My flock be injured or harmed in any way in My name.
“When harm befalls any of My children in My name it is done as the mark of the unholy and an attempt to disgrace My Name.
“Let it be known that all of humanity are My children.
“Never use My Name or “Holy” to justify war as it is only the result of free will and humanity’s greed that will cause flocks to fight and kill.
“Do not use war to defend a piece of Earth in My name claiming it is hallowed ground. As it is known, all of Earth is My hallowed ground. Holy events do not make a place special, they happen to confirm My existence.
“Learn now what you will take with you when you leave your earthly body. Pray for total peace and love. The end of Earth will come when all of humanity totally disregards My doctrine. Let it be known if any mortal cause death, pain, suffering or misery, they will not be brought forth into any kingdom. They shall end.
“My wrath will be felt if My policies are broken.
“You have My words. Go back and let them be written so they may be heard. It will come to pass that The Revelation of David will be written into My doctrines.” God said.
With the end of what God had to say to David, the angel came and took him back to his earthly body. The whole magnificent journey ended with him slipping back into his body!
“He’s back!” the doctor said, “yes, we have a good strong heart beat!”
“David! David! Can you hear me? Do you know what happened?” the doctor asked.
“Yes, I died again and this time God sent me back,” David replied. All of the medical emergency team looked shocked when David made the comment.

Questions and Answers about My 3rd NDE

Thank you all for your comments. I typed all of Gods words, but I do not claim to know what they all mean and the words of God were completed a 5 month before I started the book. I really did not want to write the book, but I did not want to take a chance and disobey God. I did not do any research on NDE’s until I finished the book. I was afraid I would confuse other people’s experiences.

There were a lot of questions so please check the file area of NDE. That way it will be available for everyone to read. I will be posting this on my blogs as well.

Q&A about my experiences.
Before you started having your life review, did you have any of the other experiences often associated with the NDE? The sense of knowing you were dead?
Yes I knew I was on the other side. The void? I am not sure what you mean by a void. The tunnel? It was not really a tunnel to me but a wide opened space with a light drawing me closer. I feel like the light may give many people a tunnel effect. Deceased family members meeting you, etc.? It was on my first NDE that I saw the light and my brother sent me back. He passed in 1998

LINDA: Did you learn anything from these visions or were you just an observer?
All of the experiences have made me more spiritual.

LINDA: Were you afraid up til then?
No. After my first NDE I was never afraid of death again. I know it is a new beginning of something far greater than most people can imagine.

LINDA: Why had you lived?
To raise my family and I guess to pass on God’s words. He wants me to write about 4, 5 and 6 but I don’t want too. My forth NDE HE told me about the ripples you get in your fingernails. They are or were a reminder of being on the other side. The reason they have not been directly connected to an NDE is they do not show up 4-6 weeks after the event.

LINDA: You heard God as having a voice?
Yes, but with a clarity and soothing, loving tone like nothing I have heard on earth.

LINDA: The voice you heard said his words were you mean the Bible? And then you are supposed to write more/different words to clarify about God?
I will not try to interpret his words. I have not read the Bible nor was I ever very spiritual, I believed in God and Jesus but rarely go to any organized church. I have created a place for others to place the words they have received from God. His words will be all over the Internet. I hope I will be able to gather some of them and include in my blogs and even in this NDE group. If I get any more words from God I will place them in my blogs. However, I am not expecting any more. To be chosen once is enough for me.

LINDA: God gives specialness to people who have pain? Why?
My GUESS is: the people who experience this pain demonstrates how fortunate healthy people are and they should be thankful for what they have. I still have a lot of medical problems but at least I can feed myself and go to the bathroom by myself. People need to realize they are gifts of life.

LINDA: God has a flock? That’s what He says.

LINDA: Do you think there will be a time when all of human totally disregards "God's doctrines"? No

LINDA: Poopie doopy. NDEs show that even these people are eventually taken into Heaven. Yes according to Christian religion. Jesus forgives all. I don’t really know. It is not for me to say or judge.

LINDA: Oh no!!!! Not another angry God. Blech! Methinks you are a preacher of the Bible as interpreted by confused people.
Think about what “wrath” could mean. People think of death or the end of the world but it could mean an illness or accident something less severe.

LINDA; The revelation of David? As in *YOU/David*? If that is what you mean, all I can say is Puhleeze............................go join the other deluded messiah wannabes!
No I do not think or would I ever consider I am the same David in God’s statement. I still have a hard time figuring out why He gave me those words to spread. As far as I am concerned being a messenger is hard enough for me to swallow.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Near Death Experiences of David Brundage

I am David Brundage and I have had 6 near death experiences and 4 out of body experiences. I co-authored a book with my wife titled “Ripples In Our Lives” that details the first near death encounters. The book reveals how my life gradually changed toward the spiritual and paranormal world. The popular TV series Ghost Whisperer parallel’s my life after the near death experiences. Please post a voice message and add your wesite or blog link to your picture when you post below.

Please use the phone number and pin number in the above comment player to leave a comment about your Near Death Experience.
The unique part of this story follows his near death experience. David developed “ripples” in his fingernails. When the ripples were present, he had connections to the spirit and paranormal worlds. After extensive research and interviews on the Internet, David discovered many people had the ripples after a near death experience, too! To David, the ripples meant that near death experience survivors were touched by God.
Take a walk in David’s shoes as he sees spirit guides, angels, ghosts, dark shadows and entities. Read about the physical and emotional horror he and his family went through during the surgeries, infections, hallucinations, depressions and so much more
As the doctor made the incision in his abdomen, his heart stopped. The second one was done after tests confirmed that his heart was in good shape. The third operation was an emergency surgery. After contracting an infection, he eviscerated. A colostomy was performed during the third one because the tissue was too weak to hold stitches. The fourth was to reverse the colostomy. Through each of the surgeries, David went through many different emotions and experiences.
Envision the angels and dark shadows David was seeing. Go through the trauma, pain and fear he and his family went throughout that one long year. Read about his dedicated wife, Nancy, who literally kept him alive with her love and devotion. She cared for him and his devastating wounds daily. Witness the horrors she saw as she learned a completely new definition for the word "gross". Discovered the true meaning of "until death do us part".
Take the amazing journey with David as he goes from being just a regular guy before the first surgery to a man with paranormal powers. The powers took him into the supernatural when the ripples were visible on his fingernails. When the ripples disappeared, he returned to a regular guy, but definitely not the same man.
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