Friday, May 30, 2008

Questions and Answers about My 3rd NDE

Thank you all for your comments. I typed all of Gods words, but I do not claim to know what they all mean and the words of God were completed a 5 month before I started the book. I really did not want to write the book, but I did not want to take a chance and disobey God. I did not do any research on NDE’s until I finished the book. I was afraid I would confuse other people’s experiences.

There were a lot of questions so please check the file area of NDE. That way it will be available for everyone to read. I will be posting this on my blogs as well.

Q&A about my experiences.
Before you started having your life review, did you have any of the other experiences often associated with the NDE? The sense of knowing you were dead?
Yes I knew I was on the other side. The void? I am not sure what you mean by a void. The tunnel? It was not really a tunnel to me but a wide opened space with a light drawing me closer. I feel like the light may give many people a tunnel effect. Deceased family members meeting you, etc.? It was on my first NDE that I saw the light and my brother sent me back. He passed in 1998

LINDA: Did you learn anything from these visions or were you just an observer?
All of the experiences have made me more spiritual.

LINDA: Were you afraid up til then?
No. After my first NDE I was never afraid of death again. I know it is a new beginning of something far greater than most people can imagine.

LINDA: Why had you lived?
To raise my family and I guess to pass on God’s words. He wants me to write about 4, 5 and 6 but I don’t want too. My forth NDE HE told me about the ripples you get in your fingernails. They are or were a reminder of being on the other side. The reason they have not been directly connected to an NDE is they do not show up 4-6 weeks after the event.

LINDA: You heard God as having a voice?
Yes, but with a clarity and soothing, loving tone like nothing I have heard on earth.

LINDA: The voice you heard said his words were you mean the Bible? And then you are supposed to write more/different words to clarify about God?
I will not try to interpret his words. I have not read the Bible nor was I ever very spiritual, I believed in God and Jesus but rarely go to any organized church. I have created a place for others to place the words they have received from God. His words will be all over the Internet. I hope I will be able to gather some of them and include in my blogs and even in this NDE group. If I get any more words from God I will place them in my blogs. However, I am not expecting any more. To be chosen once is enough for me.

LINDA: God gives specialness to people who have pain? Why?
My GUESS is: the people who experience this pain demonstrates how fortunate healthy people are and they should be thankful for what they have. I still have a lot of medical problems but at least I can feed myself and go to the bathroom by myself. People need to realize they are gifts of life.

LINDA: God has a flock? That’s what He says.

LINDA: Do you think there will be a time when all of human totally disregards "God's doctrines"? No

LINDA: Poopie doopy. NDEs show that even these people are eventually taken into Heaven. Yes according to Christian religion. Jesus forgives all. I don’t really know. It is not for me to say or judge.

LINDA: Oh no!!!! Not another angry God. Blech! Methinks you are a preacher of the Bible as interpreted by confused people.
Think about what “wrath” could mean. People think of death or the end of the world but it could mean an illness or accident something less severe.

LINDA; The revelation of David? As in *YOU/David*? If that is what you mean, all I can say is Puhleeze............................go join the other deluded messiah wannabes!
No I do not think or would I ever consider I am the same David in God’s statement. I still have a hard time figuring out why He gave me those words to spread. As far as I am concerned being a messenger is hard enough for me to swallow.

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